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Modern Tiny House Design

Modern Tiny House Design

If you want a space that is compact yet functional, you might want to consider a modern tiny house design. This design is ideal for couples or small families, and features a living and sleeping area at one end and an entrance in the middle. This layout creates a clear separation between the private sleeping area and the communal living space. In addition to a bedroom and a living room, this tiny home also includes a pantry with 2 bar stools, ample kitchen space, and a bathroom of a reasonable size.

Double-decker tiny house

The double-decker concept of a tiny house provides a unique living space. The sleeping loft on the upper floor is hidden beneath a roll-back roof that opens up to reveal the loft bedroom. The double-decker design allows ample natural light to stream in, and there's plenty of space to display artwork. Despite the size, this house still has a spacious feel thanks to its high ceilings.

Millennial Tiny House

The Millennial Tiny House design has a unique home office space. It features a cleverly designed footwell and allows tenants to sit on the floor of the loft. Using this footwell, you can put your legs through the hole in the floor and rest your feet on a ledge. You don't need to worry about headroom because you can sit comfortably. A closet and windows also make this space functional for an office.


The Desiderata is a modern tiny house plan named after a poem by Max Ehrmann. The concept behind it is to manifest one's dreams. This tiny house plan features an open floor plan, full-size kitchen and bathroom, and the space is ideal for creative types. Its unique layout combines the convenience of a small home with the comfort and design of a larger house. There are no corners, and every inch is used wisely.

Millennial Tiny Living

Tiny houses appeal to millennials because of their ease of mobility. The recession of 2007-2009 affected many millennials and they saw their parents suffer through foreclosure. With the onset of e-commerce, millennials can quickly replace their things with fewer expenses. In addition, tiny houses are more affordable than traditional homes, so you can buy one for a little less than you would have to pay for a new car or a house.

Millennial Tiny Living's The Nash

The Nash, a modern tiny house, is built by New Zealand-based manufacturer Build Tiny. Its exterior is constructed of stone grey corrugated steel and a standing seam roof. Inside, it features an office loft, underfloor storage, and an attached staircase. It even has a home office. It costs less than a used car. Millennial Tiny Living offers a variety of different sizes, styles, and price ranges.

The Bunk Box

While the Tiny House market is growing larger each day, the Bunk Box is a throwback to simpler times. The idea is to provide a back-to-basics retreat for you and your family while sacrificing some modern luxury. With a main floor area of 125 square feet and a loft space of 72 square feet, The Bunk Box is the perfect size for a family, and it has character to match.

Jewel Pearson's tiny house

If you're planning a retirement that involves travel, you might want to look into Jewel Pearson's modern tiny house design. The North Carolina native built the tiny home herself, and now she's helping others realize their own dreams of living in a compact house. She also has a website dedicated to her tiny house design, which showcases stories of people of color who live in tiny homes. Read on to learn more about her inspiring journey!

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